Virtual Office


Raagit gives you the flexibility to setup your office anywhere you choose and that’s too 24/7. Have your business and services postal mail scanned and sent directly to your inbox instantly in very minimal charges.

How it works:

Usually regular office has an arrangement to have its own server and a dedicated room in a building with an IT guy to operate and handle the server plus other office expenses.

Virtual office service eliminates the necessity to keep server in a dedicated room and makes it completely digitized which is accessible 24/7 through a broadband or any high-speed internet connection. Whenever and wherever you want.

Virtual office also gives you ease of access to connect to your colleagues anytime anywhere. Which eventually reduce office expense and other IT expense without compromising on quality support.

Virtual office is a complete office management system and future


200 GBP per month

Office address + virtual phone number + letter scan and mail forwarding
(cost of postage applied)

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Peace of Mind

You can focus on expanding your business and let us handle all IT stuff. Our data centers are completely power and ventilation redundant, Along with fast and reliable network connectivity. Furthermore, constant monitoring ensures that someone is always Present to fix any kind of problem as they occur


Virtual office definitely gives you flexibility to connect and access anywhere and 24/7. you don’t have to worry about IT, telephone, Fax mails Etc. best part that its cheap then regular office system.

Cost Benefits

Most of the time cost cutting results compromising on quality and lots of Hassel. Which will eventually decrease the productivity. With our Virtual office solution, you never have to worry about upgrading or maintenance and best quality is assured all this is possible from our state of the art facilities


Computers are inherently bad for the environment – did you know that producing a complete desktop computer requires 240kg fossil fuels, 22kg potentially hazardous chemicals and 1,500kg water! Combined with millions of old computers equipment saturating landfills with high proportions of unnaturally found compounds, it really is the case that better use out of your existing equipment results in a greener business.