Company Formation

Growing confidentiality and taxes aren’t the only advantages of establishing an off shore business. The possibility to significantly reduce company overheads is a really appealing reward although tax usefulness is the advantage that arrives to mind when when it comes to off-shore businesses.The authorized responsibilities of officers or any directors of an off shore business are usually significantly less.

Establishing an off shore organization will provide several advantages for organizations or people associated with business across international borders and doesn’t need to be complicated.

Benefits of Setting up your Offshore Company

Incorporating offshore in popular offshore financial centers and tax havens offers a wide range of benefits to companies.

  • Improve cross border sales
  • Greater confidentiality with tax haven jurisdictions
  • Eliminate foreign exchange risk and reduce bank transaction costs
  • Reduced tax liability
  • Protection against lawsuits by strong local regulations
  • Ease of operation with simple statutory obligations
  • Privacy with no public disclosure requirements
  • Asset protection by providing a strong layer of protection from future liabilities
  • Legal protection by ensuring assets are held in the foreign company’s name


Raag InfoTech has strong associations with long- experienced and established global advisers offering us the capability setting up off-shore registration for companies in various jurisdictions that are secure.

Classic offshore jurisdictions

Anguilla Company

Gibraltar Company

Dubai Company

Bahamas Company

Hong Kong Company

Seychelles Company

Belize Company

Latvian Company

Singapore Company

BVI Company

St Lucia Company

Switzerland Company

Cyprus Company

Malta Company

UK Company

Delaware Company

Mauritius Company

St Vincent Company

Florida Company

Panama Company

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